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Housings Accessories

Optional Leak Sensor

Product No.46115
The sensor immediately alerts you to any water leakage by super luminosity LED lighting up.
Housings Accessories

Sacrificial Zinc Anode (2 pieces)

Product No.46116
Housings Accessories

LCD Monitor Hood with Lens

Product No.52121
The hood attaches to the LCD monitor area of a compact digital camera housing. The hood will reduce light and reflections and provide clear images from the LCD monitor from corner to corner. The lens has an anti-reflective coating to further reduce unnecessary reflections and glare. Ideal for those who would like to have enlarged and clearer views  of the LCD monitor.

*Enlarged image

*System sample
[Compatible model] MDX-RX100IIIMDX-RX100/IIMDX-GRD IVDX-GE5
[Compatible LCD monitor size] Approx. 62x47mm/2.4x1.9inches
[Weight] Approx. 123g/4.3oz
[Dimensions (DIAxD)] Approx. 84x85x67mm/3.3x3.3x2.6inches 
Housings Accessories

Macro Diffuser for DX-1G

Product No.28107
By using this product, perfectly lit macro images can be taken with the DX-2G and DX-1G camera’s built-in flash.

*Enlarged image
Housings Accessories

Strobe Mask Set

Product No.50109
Stick the Velcro tape to the underwater housing covering the camera’s built-in flash. Connect the Fiber-Optic Cable.
*The Velcro tape to be cut off in accordance with the shape of the housing.
*Compatibility depends on the model of the housing.

*Enlarged image
Housings Accessories

Desiccant Pack (silica gel)

Product No.62108
Keep your digital camera dry in humid conditions: a silica gel pack inside your housing absorbs moisture and prevents condensation.
*5 packs in a hermetically sealed package.

*Enlarged image
Housings Accessories

Leak Sentinel V5

Product No.46125
Lets you check the housing's water-tight integrity before diving
Zoom in with double tapping.